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Functional Glycomics in HIV Vaccine Design: Funding Opportunity and Workshop Report - August 1, 2013

The NIH is offering R01 grants to help investigate structural and conformational features of HIV glycosylation that may lead to novel HIV vaccine design approaches; and to elucidate the impact of differential glycosylation on the quality of the immune response to HIV.  The deadline to apply is 02 December,

Latebreaker Abstracts - July 29, 2013

The deadline to submit later breaker abstracts for AIDS Vaccine 2013 is 11 August.  To submit yours, visit

Enterprise and Partners Explore New Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines - July 1, 2013

The Enterprise and partners will focus on identifying synergies between therapeutic and preventive HIV vaccines and exploring strategies to generate long-lasting immune responses from an HIV vaccine

Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines: VISP Meeting Report - June 25, 2013

The Enterprise and partners held a consultation on 14 - 15 March 2013 around the issue of VISP/R.  The full meeting report is available to download below.

A Glimpse at our HIV Vaccine History - June 25, 2013

In a brief history of the global effort to develop a preventive HIV vaccine (Vaccine 2013, in press), Enterprise champion, Jose Esparza has set down the highs and lows of 30 years of research and development on HIV vaccines that have brought us where we are today. This is an important contribution because many senior HIV vaccine scientists have forgotten what we did and why we did it and, conversely, many younger scientists are not aware of those past efforts.

Enterprise Secretariat Report on the 2013 HVTN Full Group Meeting - June 4, 2013

The Enterprise Secretariat attended the 2013 HVTN Full Group meeting in May and developed a report on sessions attended.  Check out the report here.

AVAC Opinion Piece -- In an Unpredictable HIV Vaccine Search, Hope Still Reigns - May 20, 2013

In a  Huffington Post opinion piece, Mitchell Warren, AVAC executive director, encourages the field to step up the pace further.

CSIS: Another Candidate HIV Vaccine Fails: We Must Keep Trying - April 26, 2013

The Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) calls for perseverance in the research, development and testing of future vaccine candidates in response to last week's decision to stop the testing of a candidate HIV vaccine combination (study HVTN 505).  Check out their post,

NIH Discontinues Immunizations in the HVTN 505 HIV Vaccine Study - April 25, 2013

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, will stop administering injections in its HVTN 505 clinical trial of an investigational HIV vaccine regimen because an independent data and safety monitoring board (DSMB) found during a scheduled interim review that the vaccine regimen did not prevent HIV infection nor reduce viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) among vaccine recipients who became infected with HIV.

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