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Bloomberg Features P5 and its Efforts to Improve on RV144 Results - June 27, 2012

Bloomberg ran a piece on the Pox-Protein Public Private Partnership (P5) and their plans to improve on the RV144 Thai HIV vaccine trial results. Check it out,

Public Health Agency of Canada - World AIDS Vaccine Day Statement - May 22, 2012

In its World AIDS Vaccine Day statement, the Public Health Agency of Canada noted that through the Canadian HIV Vaccine Intiative, five new research teams are dedicating their work to accelerating HIV vaccine R&D, which is helping to strengthen the links between Canadian and other researchers around the world.  

Vaccine is the Best Hope Against AIDS - AAVP, IAVI, UNAIDS Editorial - May 18, 2012

In an editorial published in the Mail & Guardian, Michel Sidibe, Chidi Nweneka and Margaret McGlynn wrote that despite the advances in the management of HIV, an effective vaccine to prevent HIV would save billions.  The full piece can be found here,

Time for an HIV Vaccine - MHRP Statement - May 17, 2012

The U.S. Military HIV Research Program issued a statement by COL. Nelson Michael highlighting the Military's efforts to develop a globally effective HIV vaccine.  The statement is available here,

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Worldwide Activities - May 15, 2012

Enterprise stakeholders are conducting activities/events all around the world to commemorate HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, 18 May.  Check out our comprehensive listing of activities going on this week,   We hope you will show your support and participate in one or many!

Call for Applications: YECI Workshop on Statistical Methods - February 15, 2012

The OCTAVE Project, the South African MRC, HVTN and SCHARP are soliciting applications for a workshop  for YECIs on key statistical considerations for the design and analysis of HIV vaccine trials. Click the PDF below for more details.

 RFA: New OCTAVE Workshop for Young and Early Career

Promising Results Shown in Novel Combination HIV Vaccine - January 4, 2012

New vaccine research suggests that scientists are homing in on the critical ingredients of a protective HIV vaccine and identifies new HIV vaccine candidates to test in human clinical trials. Read more here...

AAVP Satellite: An AIDS-Free Africa Through an Effective Vaccine – Prospects, Progress and Challenges - December 19, 2011

The African AIDS Vaccine Parntership (AAVP) held a satellite session at AIDS Vaccine 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand to review its new strategic direction and seek input on strategies to enhance AAVP’s relevance in Africa.  The full meeting report is below.

International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) to House CHVI R&D Alliance Coordinating Office - December 1, 2011


The Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) announced that the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) will house the new Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) Research and Development Alliance Coordinating Office (ACO). The ACO will provide support, establish networks, offer leadership in innovation to accelerate efforts to develop a vaccine.  The full announcement is located here (


AIDS Researchers Isolate New Potent and Broadly Effective Antibodies Against HIV Discovery provides new directions for AIDS vaccine design - August 17, 2011

IAVI, The Scripps Research Institute, Theraclone Sciences and Monogram Biosciences (a LabCorp company), published in the journal, Nature, today the discovery of 17 new broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV. Together these discoveries with other recent discoveries in the neutralizing antibody arena represent tremendous progress in this area of AIDS vaccine research.  The IAVI announcement is available below.

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