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Statement of Larry Corey, MD on the Success of the CAPRISA 004 Microbicide Trial - July 19, 2010

The HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) issued a statement on the CAPRISA 004 microbicide trial.  The full statement is below.

Study of Microbicide Gel Shows Reduced Risk of HIV & Herpes Infections in Women - July 19, 2010

The Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) reports that researchers have achieved an important scientific breakthrough in the fight against HIV and genital herpes with a vaginal gel that significantly reduces a woman's risk of being infected with these viruses.&

AVAC Praises CAPRISA 004 Trial Collaborators and Participants for Historic Study - Trial Confirms - July 19, 2010

"This is a historic day for HIV prevention research. The CAPRISA 004 results are the first clinical evidence that a microbicide gel can help to prevent sexual transmission of HIV infection," said AVAC Executive Director Mitchell Warren, reacting to the results of the landmark microbicide trial presented today at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna.  The full AVAC statement is available below.

Gates Foundation HIV Strategy - July 17, 2010

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation issued a highly targeted strategy for HIV, which states that the "foundation’s number-one global health priority is discovering and introducing vaccines for infectious diseases."  Click the link below to read the full strategy. 


AVAC Report: Turning the Page to a New Era in HIV Prevention Research - July 14, 2010

A new report from AVAC surveys the state of biomedical HIV prevention research, including the first evidence of vaccine-induced protection in humans and the emergence of ARV-based prevention—and provides strategic recommendations for moving forward in a time of constrained resources and faltering commitment to ending AIDS.  The announcement is below.

Margaret McGlynn, Former President of Global Vaccines at Merck, Joins IAVI Board - July 6, 2010

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) announces the appointment of Margaret McGlynn, former President of Global Vaccines and Anti-infectives at Merck, to its board of directors.

New 2010 Studies Using RV144 Samples - June 24, 2010

The U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) and more than 30 U.S. and international collaborators are initiating intensive follow up studies on RV144 in an effort to find the correlates of protection.  Samples from RV144 are being distributed to laboratories around the world.  To read more about the planned RV144 research, please click here.

Seth Berkley on TED: HIV and flu -- the vaccine strategy - May 30, 2010

Seth Berkley, president and CEO of IAVI appeared on TED to explain how smart advances in vaccine design, production and distribution are bringing us closer than ever to eliminating a host of global threats -- from AIDS to malaria to flu pandemics.  The video is available here:

International HIV Vaccine Day: Message from UNAIDS Executive Director Mr. Michel Sidibé - May 18, 2010

The UNAIDS Executive Director, Mr. Michel Sidibé, released a statement commemorating HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, which said "the best hope of ending the AIDS epidemic lies in a safe and highly effective HIV vaccine."  The full statement is available below.

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