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AIDS Vaccine 2010

at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center



The Center for AIDS Research at Emory University and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise invite you to Atlanta, Georgia for the AIDS Vaccine 2010 Conference. This year we are pleased to mark its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate a decade of collaboration, education, and the spirited exchange of scientific ideas, all with the purpose of advancing the science of HIV vaccines.

In the last decade, the stature of the AIDS Vaccine Conference has grown in direct proportion to the maturation of the field of HIV vaccine research and is now the major venue for investigators, providing a world stage on which cutting edge HIV research of the highest scientific caliber is presented and debated among the international community. We anticipate that the conference will provide an interactive forum for the participation of leading scientists in the HIV vaccine field, promising junior scientists, public health experts, clinicians, epidemiologists, representatives of community associations, and members of the commercial development sector.

Despite the recent encouraging progress from the Thai RV144 trial, we remain a long way from an affordable, effective vaccine against HIV. AIDS Vaccine 2010 will continue to highlight that critical balance between discovery research, the foundation for vaccine development, and clinical trials, that provide both the ultimate test of hypotheses and the much needed correlates of protection. It will also look to the future where, post-exposure prophylaxis, microbicides and other potentially effective biomedical prevention approaches, will make engaging the HIV vaccine trials community and the design of vaccine trials even more challenging.

Atlanta is a vibrant center of HIV/AIDS research, training, and prevention activities. We are fortunate to have collaborative partnerships with the Morehouse School of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control, community organizations, and the outstanding public universities that call Atlanta home. Our clinicians provide care to over 7500 patients with HIV each year - one of the largest cohorts in the country. Therefore, the development of a viable vaccine is a particularly relevant objective for this community. Atlanta and AIDS Vaccine 2010 provide an outstanding opportunity to participate in scientific exchange and debate in the very real face of the disease and its direct impact on the global community.

We encourage you to attend this conference, to present your scientific ideas, breakthroughs, and innovative approaches as we work together to better understand the virus and to develop an effective HIV vaccine.

Join us and experience true southern hospitality in the international city of Atlanta.

With kind regards,

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