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Media Information

AIDS Vaccine 2011 welcomes working journalists from around the world. For journalists, the conference offers a fully operational media center and daily press briefings presenting research news highlights and overviews by leading HIV vaccine experts.


To register as a media representative, you must submit accreditation. More information on accreditation documents is available on the registration page.  All submitted credentials will be thoroughly checked and verified by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Conference Secretariat and additional credentials may be requested.  Media accreditation grants you access to the conference. However, you and/or your organization are responsible for all costs related to travel and accommodation.

Journalist Scholarships

AIDS Vaccine 2011 in partnership with the National Press Foundation (NPF) will welcome 22 journalist scholarships to attend the conference and participate in a two-day training program on the global epidemic and HIV vaccine research issues featuring some of the leading scientists, advocates and experts in the field.  The training is not open to conference delegates.

Conference Program

Full information on AIDS Vaccine 2011 and the conference program is available at

Press Conferences

AIDS 2011 will feature an opening press conference on 12 September. Press conferences with seating for 50 will also be held daily at 13:30 and will feature that day’s plenary speakers and other special session speakers. All press conferences will be in English and schedule is available to download here.  Note that the press conference schedule is subject to change. 

Embargo Policy and Press Releases

Embargoes on reporting on studies presented at AIDS Vaccine 2011 lift at the conclusion of the session in which the study is presented.

Press releases, fact sheets or any other materials designed to facilitate media coverage of research studies presented at AIDS Vaccine 2011 may only be distributed after the conclusion of the session in which the study is presented.

Press policies can be downloaded here.


AIDS Vaccine 2011 plenary sessions and press conferences will be available for playback on the conference web site. More details will be posted soon.

Interview Space

An interview room is available for journalists in the Lotus Suite 8. The room can be booked by signing up at the media room help desk. Time is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The interview room is available only to registered journalists and for a maximum of 45-minutes for each session. Additional informal spaces are available around the Centara Convention Centre.

Media Center

The AIDS Vaccine 2011 Media Center is located in Lotus Suite 8 will be open from Monday, 12 September – Thursday, 15 September. The schedule is available for download here.

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