Specific IgA Plasma Cell Recruitment to the Female Genital Tract Following Intravaginal Administration of CCL28 or MPLA

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Vaccine Antigen Immunity Is Enhanced by Optimized TLR4 and TLR7/8 Adjuvant Combinations in Mini-Pigs Inoculated via a Systemic but Not a Mucosal Route

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A Comparative Analysis of HIV-Specific Immunity Following DNA Co-Immunisation with Different Adjuvants

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A Novel Glycolipid Adjuvant Significantly Boosts Cellular Immune Responses to an Adenoviral Vaccine in Non Human Primates

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Co-Administration of NOD1 and NOD2 Ligands with HIV-1 p24 Increase Mucosal Immune Potency of Biodegradable Nanocarriers

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Liposomes Containing Glucosyl Ceramide and the Adjuvant Monophosphoryl Lipid A Specifically Bind T4 Bacteriophage: A Self-Assembling Nanocarrier

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Antigen-Specific Enhancement of Natural Human IgG Antibodies to Lipids Induced by a Liposomal Vaccine Containing Lipid A and a Protein Antigen

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GM-CSF as an Adjuvant for MVA Vaccine: High Dose but Not Low Dose Inhibits T Cell Responses and Rectal IgA by Modulating DC Activation and Phenotype

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Polyethyleneimine Is a Potent Mucosal Adjuvant and Candidate Adjuvant for HIV-1 Vaccination

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Degradable PEI Form as Safer Alternative for HIV-1 Vaccine Development and Adjuvant Potency as a Common Trait of Oligoethyleneimines

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