B Cell Immunology and Neutralizing Antibodies

Putative Rhesus Macaque Germline Antibodies of Broadly HIV-Neutralizing Antibodies: Similarities and Differences Compared with the Human Counterparts

M Zhang, T Yuan, J Li, Y Zhang, Y Wang, E Streaker , DS Dimitrov

Genetic and Neutralization Sensitivity of Diverse HIV-1 Env Clones from Chronically Infected Patients in China

H Shang, X Han, X Shi, X Wang, L Zhang

Superinfection Results in Potent Neutralizing Antibody Responses to the Superinfecting Virus, but Does Not Necessarily Enhance Neutralization Breadth

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In Vitro Neutralization Kinetics of the Human Monoclonal Antibody IgG1 b12 Which Is Protective In The SHIV Rhesus Macaque Challenge Model.

D Davis, W Koornstra, J Heeney, W Bogers

Broad ADCC Responses and ADCC Directed at VPU Epitopes in Humans Is Associated with Slow Progression of HIV

LH Wren, M Navis, A Chung, G Isitman, AD Kelleher, I Stratov, SJ Kent

Activity of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Against Recently Transmitted Subtype B HIV-1 Variants from Early and Late in the Endemic

Z Euler, EM Bunnik, JA Burger, BD Boeser-Nunnink, ML Grijsen, JM Prins, H Schuitemaker

Neutralizing Activity Against Both Gp120 and Gp41 in Patients with HIV-Specific Cross-Reactive Neutralizing Humoral Immunity

MJ van Gils, ET Crooks, JM Decker, ES Gray, NL Tumba, R Lynch, JR Mascola, L Morris, J Binley, H Schuitemaker

Neutralizing antibody using TZM-bl assay in two distinct groups of AIDS progression in HIV-1-infected Brazilians

DV Almeida , V Bongertz, FH Côrtes, ML Guimarães, JH Pilloto, G Bello, V Veloso, MG Morgado

Development of Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses in a Large Sub-Sahara African HIV Primary Infection Cohort

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FACS-Based Epitope Mapping Platform to Characterise New Identified Monoclonal Anti-HIV-1 Envelope Antibodies

A Kliche, R Wagner

Innate Immune Signals Regulate Non-Neutralizing Effector Functions of Antibodies Through Glycosylation

A Mahan, J Robinson, G Alter

Single Mutation Turns a Non-Binding Germline-like Predecessor of Broadly Neutralizing Antibody into a Binding Antibody to HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins

T Yuan, M Zhang

B Cell Depletion in HIV-1 Subtype A Infected Ugandan Adults: Relationship to CD4 Count, Viral Load and Humoral Immune Responses

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Llama Antibody Fragments that Potently Neutralize HIV-1 at the CD4 Binding Site of HIV-1 Gp120

L McCoy, A Forsman, B Bulmer-Thomas, N Strokappe, T Verrips, L Chen, PD Kwong, RA Weiss

Optimization of the V3 Directed Antibody Response: Strategies to Expose the Epitope

A Moseri, T Subramanyam, Y Sagi, B Arshava , F Naider, J Anglister

HIV-1 Envelope Characteristics that Coincide with the Development of Cross-Reactive Neutralizing Activity in HIV-1 Infected Patients

TL van den Kerkhof, MJ van Gils, Z Euler, NL Verwer, RW Sanders, H Schuitemaker

Neutralization Potential and Epitope Profiling of Plasma Antibodies from HIV-1 Infected Asian Indians

R Andrabi, M Bala, R Kalra, K Luthra

The Antibody 2F5 Third Complementarity-Determining Region of the Heavy Chain (CDRH3) Displays Length Plasticity for Binding and Neutralization

F Guenaga, R Wyatt

Identification of Serum SLE-like Auto-Antibodies with Cross Reactivity to Viral Antigens in Patients with HIV-1 Infection

DC Alcena, B Zheng, E Marin, J Mattiaco, M Keefer, S Dewhurst, X Jin, JJ Kobie, I Sanz

Surface Unit but Not Transmembrane Domain Directed Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Have Differential Potency Against Cell Associated Virus

M Sagar, H  Akiyama, B Etemad, N Ramirez, I Freitas, S Gummuluru

Isolation of Potent Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Against V3 Loop from SIV-Infected Macaques

T Kuwata, T Igarashi, S Matsushita

Profiles of Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Chronically HIV-1 CRF07_BC Infected Intravenous Drug Users in Western China

X Hu, K Hong, C Zhao, H Gao, KM Greene, Y Zheng, L Ren, Y Ruan, DC Montefiori, Y Shao

Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Infection by HIV-1 Is Inhibited by Neutralizing Antibodies Without Interfering with IFN-α Production

A Lederle, J Penichon, G Laumond, T Decoville, S Schmidt, V Holl, C Moog

Detection of CD4-Binding Site Antibodies in Three HIV-1 Seroconverter Cohorts

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Elicitation of Neutralising Antibodies Using Patient-Derived gp140 Immunogens from a Long-Term Non-Progressor

EJ Bowles, J Parker, L Heyndrickx, B Grevstad, M Jansson, G Vanham, G Stewart-Jones

Extensive Profile of the Anti-HIV Inhibitory Activity of Well-Known Monoclonal Antibodies, Possible Correlates for In Vivo Protection

ME Biedma, S Schmidt, T Decoville, G Laumond, V Holl, C Moog

Combined HIV-1 Neutralization Coverage by VRC01, PG9, and PG16

NA Doria-Rose, X Wu, Z Yang, MK Louder, K McKee, S O'Dell, S Schmidt, WC Koff, MS Seaman, R Bailer, DR Burton, JR Mascola

Neutralisation Activity of HIV-1 Clade C- and CRF02_AG-Infected Serum/Plasma: Some Viruses Are Not as Resistant as Previously Thought

RA Jacob, F Abrahams, M Tongo, P Roux, EM Ngole, WA Burgers, JR Dorfman

Early Autologous Neutralising Epitopes in C3-V4 and β14+V5 Are Readily Adsorbed with Monomeric gp120

CK Wibmer, JN Bhiman, PL Moore, NC Ranchobe, SA Karim, L Morris, ES Gray

Features and Diversity of Quaternary Neutralizing Epitopes (QNEs) in HIV-1 Env that Mediate Potent Viral Neutralization

C Krachmarov, W Honnen, Z Lai, M Gorny, S Zolla-Pazner, J Robinson, A Pinter

Sequential DNA Prime-Protein Boost Is More Effective in Eliciting HIV-1 Env-Specific Antibody Than Simultaneous Delivery of DNA + Protein Components

Y Chen, S Wang, S Lu

Antibody-Guided Exploration of V3 Exposure on HIV Subtype C

S Manhas, B Clark, S Zolla-Pazner, MK Gorny, R Pantophlet

Epitope Specificity and Envelope Diversity in an Elite Neutralizer from the San Francisco Bay Area

SM O'Rourke, J Robinson, MA Conant, B Schweighardt, P Phung, K Limoli, T Wrin, K Higgins, F Sinangil, P Berman

Mapping the Specificity of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies from Thai Elite Neutralizers by Analysis of crf A/E Virus Quasi-Species

SM O'Rourke, R Sutthent, G Tatsuno, B To, P Phung, K Limoli, K Higgins, T Wrin, F Sinangil, P Berman

P04.35 LB
Neutralization of Plasma Vs. Antibodies: The HJ16, HGN194 and HK20 Comparisons

SS Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh, B Willems, L Heyndrickx, K Vereecken, D Corti, A Lanzavecchia, D Davis, G Vanham

P04.36 LB
Structures of HIV-1 Quaternary-Structure-Preferring Antibodies, CH04 And PG9, Show Conserved Structural Elements Within a Generallly Flexible CDR H3

RK Louder, J McLellan, M Pancera, SD Schmidt, Y Yang, B Zhang, S Phogat, M Bonsignori, K Hwang, H Liao, X Chen, MA Moody, BF Haynes, JR Mascola, PD Kwong

P04.37 LB
Structures of Reverted and Mature VRC01-Like Antibodies Illustrate the Evolution Required to Generate Effective HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies

M Joyce, T Zhou, M Pancera, S Moquin, X Wu, B Zhang, NJ Lu, J Zhu, X Chen, I Georgiev, L Shapiro, JR Mascola, GJ Nabel, PD Kwong

P04.38 LB
Identification of Minimal Antigenic Domains in HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Recognized by Broadly Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies VRC01 and PG9

H Wang, X Shi, C Yao, T Zuo, L Zhang

P04.39 LB
Isolation of CD4-binding Site and V2/V3 Conformational (Quaternary) Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies from the Same HIV-1 Infected African Subject

M Bonsignori, X Wu, MA Moody, H Liao, K Hwang, JA Crump, SH Capiga, NE Sam, GD Tomaras, X Chen, C Tsao, SM Alam, GJ Nabel, PD Kwong, L Morris, D Montefiori, JR Mascola, BF Haynes

P04.40 LB
Structural Basis for VRC01-Like-Antibody Recognition of Variable Loops That Surround The Site Of CD4 Attachment On HIV-1 Gp120

T Zhou, X Wu, B Zhang, S Moquin, J Zhu, I Georgiev, M Bonsignori, JA Crump, SH Kapiga, SE Noel, BF Haynes, M Simek, DR Burton, WC Koff, L Shapiro, JR Mascola, PD Kwong

P04.41 LB
Crystal Structures of Human Anti-V2 Mabs 697-30D and 8.9D and What We Can Learn From Their Antigen-Binding Sites

R Pan, JM Sampson, B Spurrier, M Totrov, T O'Neal, C Williams, S Boliar, S Allen, J Mulenga, J Robinson, CA Derdeyn, MK Gorny, S Zolla-Pazner, X Kong

P04.42 LB
454 Pryosequencing of B Cells From HIV-1 Infected Donors With Quaternary-Structure-Preferring Antibodies

M Pancera, J Zhu, S O'Dell, X Wu, Y Yang, B Zhang, N Doria-Rose, M Connors, P Moore, S Karim, L Morris, M Simek, P Poignard, DR Burton, W Koff, JR Mascola, PD Kwong

High Throughput Isolation of Immunoglobulin Variable Region Gene Segments from Rhesus Macaque B Cells for Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production

R Zhang, J Yu, S Wang, Y Yang, F Gao, C Jin, J Schmitz, A Moody, J Robinson, B Haynes, H Liao