B Cell Vaccine Concepts and Design

Enzyme Digests Eliminate Non-Functional Env from HIV-1 Particle Surfaces Leaving Native Env Trimers Intact and Viral Infectivity Unaffected

T Tong, E Crooks, K Osawa, Jm Binley

Neutralising Antibodies After Immunisation with the Transmembrane Envelope Proteins of HIV-1, HIV-2, Two Foamy Viruses, and Three Gammaretroviruses

M Mühle, D Kaulitz, S Langhammer, U Fiebig, R Behrendt, A Bleiholder, M Löchelt, R Kurth, V Morozov, J Denner

Immunogenicity of a Stable Clade C HIV-1 gp140 Envelope Trimer in Different Adjuvants in Guinea Pigs

J Nkolola, B Chen, M Seaman, S Reed, D Carter, D Barouch

Defects In B Cell Intrinsic- & Extrinsic Factors Distinguish Novel 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Responders From Non-Responders Among HIV Infected Persons on ART

S Pahwa, S Pallikkuth, SY Silva, M Fischl, R Pahwa

Predicted Antigenic Map of the V2 Loop

E Shmelkov, R Abagyan, J Swetnam, S Zolla-Pazner, T Cardozo

PG16 Binding Early Transmitted HIV-1 Clade C Virus 16055 Soluble Envelope Glycoprotein as Candidate Vaccine Immunogen

D Wagner, J Gaekwad, S Narpala, A Carpov, M Pancera, LM Walker, S Hoffenberg, PD Kwong, JR Mascola, DR Burton, WC Koff, R King, RT Wyatt, SK Phogat

Native HIV-1 Sequential Envelope Quasispecies as a Novel B Cell Vaccine Concept

DC Malherbe, N Doria-Rose, L Misher, T Beckett, W Blay-Puryear, J Schuman, Z Kraft, J O'Malley, M Mori, I Srivastava, S Barnett, S Kalams, L Stamatatos, NL Haigwood

Robust Multi-Clade Cellular and Humoral Immune Responses in Rhesus Macaques Following Optimized Consensus DNA Vaccination

N Hutnick, DF Myles, J Yan, AS Khan, K Muthumani, NY Sardesai, DB Weiner