Clinical Trial Site Challenges

Motivators of Enrollment in HIV Vaccine Trials: A Review of HIV Vaccine Preparedness Studies

S Dhalla, G Poole

Barriers of Enrollment in HIV Vaccine Trials: A Review of HIV Vaccine Preparedness Studies

S Dhalla, G Poole

Development of CAVD/EQAPOL Long-Term PBMC Repository ('07-'10) @ DUMC; T-Cell Functionality as Measured by ELISpot and Flow Cytometry Is Maintained Ov

G Ferrari, J Cox, A Garcia, W Rountree, C DeCastro, R Louzao, B Liebl, A Sambor, A Sanchez, M Sarzotti-Kelsoe, J Lane, P D'Souza, R Koup, T Denny

Prevalence, Incidence, Risk Factors and Willingness to Participate in HIV Vaccine Trials Among Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Persons Seeking HI

S Chariyalertsak, C Beyrer, N Kosachunhanan, P Saokhieo, R Songsupa, A Wongthanee, C Chariyalertsak, S Visarutratana

Challenges in Consenting Sex Workers, Transgenders and Men Who Have Sex with Men into an HIV Acute Infection Study in Pattaya, Thailand

P Charuthamrong, W Kaeratiswetanun, T Yamkram, MW Benenson, PA Morgan, S Nitayaphan, C Eamsila, V Tungsakul, S Sriplienchan, M Robb, N Thaitawat

Factors Influencing Recruitment, Retention and Seroconversion Rates in MSM at High Risk for HIV Infection in Lima and Barcelona

P Coll, S Perez-Alvarez, A Tataje, C Ganoza, A Leon, F Pujol, M Meulbroek, I Bravo, E Fernández, J Casabona, J Gatell, B Clotet, J Sánchez, C Brander

Providing Care and Education Prior to Engaging in an HIV Vaccine Trial, Bamako Mali, West Africa

L Levitz, K Sangare, K Tounkara, F Siby Diallo, S Traore, Y Kone, O Koita, J Rozehnal, Z Koty, M Rochas, A De Groot

Education and Research Initiatives for the Mobilization of African-American Faith Communities for HIV/AIDS Prevention and HIV Vaccine Awareness

MC Keefer, MD, CA Bunce, RN, MS, SJ Thompson, MDiv, MS, SF Wakefield, RC Sanders II

Reference Values for Clinical Laboratory Parameters Among Youths in Maputo City, Mozambique

NR Tembe, EE Viegas, N Sitoe, E Alfai, E Mucavela, N Osman, S Andersson, II Jani, C Nilsson

Incidence of HIV Among Youths in Maputo City, Mozambique: A Cohort Study

EN Viegas, N Tembe, E Gonçalves, E Macovela, N Ismael, C De Schacht, N Bhatt, C Nilsson, G Biberfeld, S Andersson, N Osman, IV Jani

The Impact of a Multi-Faceted Training and Mentoring Program in HIV Risk Reduction Counseling at Global HIV Vaccine Trial Sites

D Flood, J Fuchs, E Dossett, E Wolf, B Metch

Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Immunity After Vaccination in a Preparatory Cohort Study Among Men Who Have Sex with Men, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006–2009

TH Holtz, B Raengsakulrach, W Chonwattana, W Thienkrua, J McNicholl, W Wimonsate, S Chaikummao, A Varangrat, P Sirivongrangson, PA Mock, F van Griensven

P06.13 LB
Screening and Enrolment Into a Phase I HIV Vaccine Trial in Kigali-Rwanda

R Bayingana

P06.14 LB
Title: Screening of Concordant Negative Couples during the Pre-screening Period for a Phase-One HIV Vaccine Trial in Lusaka, Zambia

JL Tucker, W Kilembe, M Goodwin, S Allen, E Chomba, F Priddy, M Krebs

P06.15 LB
High Levels of Willingness to Participate in an HIV Vaccine Trial in Kigali Rwanda

J Mukamuyango, E Karita, R Bayingana, J Nyombayire, R Ingabire, J Mukamwezi, L Dagna, P Fast, A Tichacek, A Susan

P06.16 LB
Targeting Concordant HIV Negative Couples as an Effective Recruitment Strategy For Phase 1 HIV Vaccine Trials

J Nyombayire Mutagisha, E Karita, R Bayingana, R Ingabire, J Mukamuyango, A Tichacek, D Laufer, H Thomson, P Fast, S Allen