Innate Immunity

Sex Differences in the TLR-Mediated IFN-Alpha Responses Are Associated with Higher Expression of Interferon-Stimulated Genes in HIV-1-Infected Women

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Differential Regulation of Various TLR Pathways in Acute and Chronic HIV-1 Infection

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CCR5 Expression on Peripheral Blood Cells Differs Between South African Caucasian and African Populations

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Human and Rhesus Macaque TRIM5α Can Bind HIV-1 Cores and Stabilize CA Disassembly

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High Frequencies of Polyfunctional CD8+ Natural Killer Cells in Chronic HIV-1 Infection Are Associated with Slower Progression to AIDS

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Reduced Expression of LEDGF/p75, an Essential Host Factor for HIV Integration, in HIV Exposed Seronegative Individuals

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Different Cytokine Profiles Induced by HIV-1 and HIV-1-Derived TLR Ligands in Monocytes and mDCs

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Frequent and Strong NK Responses to HIV-1 Env Peptides in Individuals with Acute and Chronic HIV-1 Infection

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Innate Immune Responses Among Highly Exposed Seronegative Individuals to a Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine as a Model for Mucosal Viral Infection

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Effects of a Therapeutic Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccine for HIV-1 Infection on Innate Immunity

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A Role for the KIR2DL3 Receptor in Mother-to-Infant HIV-1 Transmission

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Correlation Between AIDS Pathology and the Biased Nucleotide Composition of Lentiviruses

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Dysregulation of Tim-3 Expression on NK Cells in Chronic HIV-1 Infection

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Early phosphorylation events induced in Dendritic cells by the HIV derived TLR8 ligand ssRNA40

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Mapping of ADCC Activity: The A32 Conformational C1 Epitope is a Dominant Target for ADCC Antibodies in Chronically HIV-1 Infected Subjects

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Ontogeny, Breadth, and Specificity of Circulating ADCC-Mediating Antibodies in HIV-1 Infected Individuals

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