Mucosal Immunity

Intranasal Co-Administration of IL-12 plus CTB in DNA-MVA Mucosal Schemes Enhanced Systemic and Mucosal Cellular Immune Responses Against HIV-1 Env

CA Maeto, AM Rodríguez, J Falivene, MF Pascutti, MM Gherardi

CD107a Expression Rather than Polyfunction by HIV-Specific T Cells in the Female Genital Tract Was Associated with Protection from HIV Shedding

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Evaluation of Mucosal Immunization Routes for Induction of Vaginal Humoral Immunity in Macaques.

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TSLP: A Potential New Mucosal Adjuvant for Intranasal Immunisation with GP140

GA Van Roey, M Arias, JS Tregoning, RJ Shattock

DNA Prime-rAd5 Boost Vaccine Applied to the Tonsils Does Not Protect Against Intrarectal Challenge Despite Strong Immune Responses in Rhesus Macaques

A Duerr, H Park, A Sylwester, P Kozlowski, N Coombes, A Nogueron, J Vogt, G Spies, L Picker, M Axthelm

Microneedle Mediated Intradermal Delivery of Adjuvanted Recombinant HIV-1 CN54gp140 Effectively Primes Mucosal Boost Inoculations

A Pattani, PF McKay, RF Donnelly, MJ Garland, K Migalska, CM Cassidy, R Malcolm, RJ Shattock, RM Curran

P10.07 LB
Characterization of the Immune Response in the Gut Mucosa and Peripheral Blood in Acute HIV-infected Thai Individuals

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P10.08 LB
A Phase1 Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Mucosal And Innate Immunity of Adenovirus Type 26 HIV-1 Vaccine In Healthy, HIV-1 Uninfected Adults

LR Baden, J Liu, H Li, S Walsh, J Johnson, D Milner, M Seaman, K Krause, E Swan, R Tucker, M Weijtens, M Pau, R Dolin, DH Barouch

P10.09 LB
Intramuscular Priming with Replicating Vaccinia Vector and Intranasal Boost with HIV Gp140 Trimer Elicit Strong Mucosal and Systematic Immune Response

S Wang, F Liu, YY Liu, R Wang, Z Qi, Y Liu, Y Shao

P10.10 LB
Targeting HIV Gag p24 to Non-human Primate Dendritic Cells via DCIR and Langerin Evoke Potent and Long-lasting Antibody Responses

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