Novel Immunogens/Inserts

Systemic and Mucosal Vaccination of Rabbits Using Envelope Glycoproteins Derived from HIV-1 Pre-Seroconversion Strains as Novel Immunogens

S Reddy, R Center, K Suzuki, B Chua, D Jackson, P Gorry, A Kelleher, D Purcell

A Brain-Derived HIV-1 Envelope Protein Clone with Utility as an Immunogen

RJ Center, J Tan, J Sterjovski, LR Gray, C Siebentritt, MJ Churchill, SM Reddy, PA Ramsland, PR Gorry, DF Purcell

Generation of HIV-1 Virus-like Particles Expressing Different HIV-1 Glycoproteins

M Visciano, L Diomede, M Tagliamonte, M Tornesello, V Asti, M Bomsel, FM Buonaguro, L Lopalco, L Buonaguro

Evaluation of the Immune Response Elicited by Retroviral Vectors Based on HIV-1 Genome in Asymptomatic HIV+ Chronic Individuals

AC Guardo, C Álvarez-Fernández, J García-Pérez, F García, J Gatell, J Alcamí, H Arberas, S Sánchez-Palomino, M Plana

Generation and Characterization of Retroviral Vectors Based on HIV-1 Genome as Novel Immunogens

CC Alvarez-Fernández, AC Guardo, JJ García-Perez, FF García, JJ Gatell, JJ Alcamí, MM Plana, SS Sánchez-Palomino

Generation of a Collection of HIV-1 Envelopes to Be Used as Immunogens with Increased Affinity for Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

V Sánchez-Merino, CB Ferreira, A Merino-Mansilla, JM Gatell, E Yuste

A Prime-Boost Immunization with an Auxotrophic BCG Expressing HIV-1 Gag and Gag VLPs Induces Broad, Polyfunctional Memory T Cell Responses in Baboons

GK Chege, WA Burgers, A Meyers, H Stutz, A Kiravu, R Bunjun, R Chapman, EG Shephard, EP Rybicki, A Williamson