T Cell Immunity

Synergistic Upregulation of Systemic IL-10 and Functional Enhancement of CD4+ T Cells by IL-10 Receptor Blockade in HIV+/MTB Co-Infection

S Chetty, F Porichis, P Govender, J Zupkosky, M Pillay, BD Walker, T Ndung’u, DE Kaufmann, VO Kasprowicz

Frequency of CD4+ and CD8+ IL17-Secreting T Cells During Acute/Early HIV Infection and in Chronic Aviremic HIV Controllers

G Turk, Y Ghiglione, ME Socias, AM Rodriguez, J Favilene, MJ Ruiz, O Sued, D Pryluka, N Laufer, P Cahn, MM Gherardi, H Salomon

Preventing HIV-1 Infection, More Epitope Is Not Better: Analysis of Gag Epitope of 2 HLA Alleles Associated with Different Outcome of HIV Infection

M Luo, C Semeniuk, T Diallo, R Capina, J Kimani, C Wachihi, M Kimani, M Mendoza, S Kiazyk, T Bielawny, TB Ball, FA Plummer

Epitope Mapping of HIV Clade A1-Specific CD8 T Cell Responses by Multiple Immunological Readouts Reveals Distinct Specificities Defined by Function

M Richmond, LR McKinnon, SA Koester Kiazyk, C Wachihi, M Kimani, J Kimani, FA Plummer, T Ball

Characterization of CD8+ T Cell Epitopes Recognizing HIV-1 Epitope Variants

MM Herman, LR McKinnon, S Kiazyk, J Kimani, T Ball, FA Plummer

Cryptic Epitopes from Alternative Reading Frames Restricted by HLAs Associated with a Good Prognosis Are Frequently Recognized in HIV Infection

A Bansal, S Seevers, T Mann, J Carlson, A Bet, Q Zhao, S Heath, D Heckerman, PA Goepfert

Differences in Magnitude, Breadth and Targets of HIV-Specific Response in Progressive Versus Non-Progressive Acute/Early HIV Infection

G Turk, Y Ghiglione, ME Socías, AM Rodriguez, J Favilene, MJ Ruiz, O Sued, D Pryluka, N Laufer, P Cahn, H Salomon, MM Gherardi

HIV-1-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Cross-Recognizing an Escape Mutation at Early Phase of HIV-1 Infection

T Akahoshi, H Gatanaga, S Oka, M Takiguchi

Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Broadly-Reactive HLA Class II Restricted Epitopes Eliciting HIV-Specific CD4+ T Cell Responses

M Buggert, M  Norström, C Lundegaard, O  Lund, M Nielsen, AC Karlsson

Virus Suppressive Activities of CD8+ T Cells Correlate with SIV-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses

HS Hong, J Gillis, Y Yu, FE Wong, RP Johnson

High TCR Avidity HIV-Specific CD8 T-Cells Accumulate Over Time During HIV Infection and Are Associated to High PD1 Expression

S Vigano, A Savoye, M Perreau, F Bellutti Enders, P Bart, G Pantaleo, A Harari

Spontaneous HIV-1 Control Is Associated with Distinct Epitopes that Promiscuously Bind Multiple HLA Class II Alleles

S Ranasinghe, M Flanders, D Soghoian, S Cutler, M Lindqvist, I Davis, M Ghebremichael, BD Walker, A Sette, F Pereyra, D Heckerman, H Streeck

Role of Hexon- and Fiber-Specific Antibodies in Ad5 Neutralization

RR Bradley, DH Barouch

In Vitro CD8-Mediated Inhibition of SIV Correlates with In Vivo Virologic Control in Rhesus Macaques

KE Stephenson, DH Barouch

Accurate Recapitulation of Human HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses in BLT Humanized Mice During Acute Phase Infection

TE Dudek, DC No, E Seung, V Vrbanac, L Fadda, P Bhoumik, AD Luster, M Altfeld, AM Tager, TM Allen

The CD8+ T Cell Antiviral Inhibitory Activity Predicts the Rate of CD4+ Cell Decline in Early HIV-1 Infection and Is Independent of Viral Subtype

H Yang, H Wu, SA Freel, H Yan, X Huang, X Xu, J Birks, GD Tomaras, A McMichael, L Dorrell

Prevalence, Incidence, Risk Factors and Willingness to Participate in HIV Vaccine Trials Among Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Persons Seeking HI

J Xu, A Zhang, W Wang, M Zhou, C Qiu, S Yuan, S Qiu, H Hu, J Xiao, C Qiu, X Zhang, J Xu

Up-Regulation of LAG-3 Expression on T Cells in HIV-1 Infection Is Correlated with Disease Progression

X Tian, A Zhang, C Qiu, S Yuan, S Qiu, H Hu, W Wang, C Qiu, X Zhang, J Xu

Low Level of Regulatory T Ccells and Maintenance of Balance Between Regulatory T Ccells and TH17 Ccells in HIV-1+ Elite Controllers

L Brandt, T Benfield, H Mens, LN Clausen, TL Katzenstein, I Karlsson

Contribution of Magnitude and Multifunctional HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells to Immune Selective Pressure

C Riou, M Mlotshwa, M Abrahams, S Goodier, F Treurnicht, K Mlisana, S Abdool Karim , C Williamson, CM Gray, T CAPRISA 002 study team

Influence of HAART on Alternative Reading Frame Immune Responses over the Course of HIV-1 Infection

S Champiat, NJ Maness, J Lehman, A Hasenkrug, J Miller, M Hong, JN Martin, SG Deeks, GE Spotts, FM Hecht, EG Kallas, KE Garrison, DF Nixon

SIV Infection of Rhesus Macaques Results in Dysfunctional T and B Cell Responses to Neo and Recall Leishmania Major Vaccination

NR Klatt, CL Vinton, J Ho, PA Darrah, JD Lifson, SL Moir, RA Seder, JM Brenchley

In Vitro Derived Dendritic Cells from CD34+ Precursors Share Features of Dendritic Cells from Several Tissues that Favour T Cell Immunity

G Romain, E van Gulck, O Epaulard, L Adam, N Bosquet, A Cosma, G Vanham, R Le Grand, F Martinon

Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH) Elicited by Defined Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte (CTL) Epitopes as a Potential Immune Read-out for Vaccine Trials

M Ruiz-Riol, B Mothe, W Howard, B Walker, D Scadden, V Sánchez, C Brander 

Conserved HIV-1 p24 epitopes elicit cellular immune responses that impact disease outcome.

LF Tarosso, VA Vieira, EG Kallas

Enhancement of Gag-Specific but Reduction of Env- and Pol-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses by SIV Regulatory and Accessory Proteins in Mice

S caijun, Z Yinfeng, Z Linqi, C Ling

HIV Infection Induces the Alteration of Cytolytic Effector Molecule Expression Diversity in CD8+ T Cell Population

N Onlamoon, K Sukapirom, K Polsrira, K Pattanapanyasat

P17.28 LB
Occult Replication of a Conditionally-Live Attenuated SIV Profoundly Upregulates T Effector Memory Cell Frequency

M Manoussaka, R Stebbings, N Berry, A Das, B Berkhout, N Almond, MP Cranage

P17.29 LB
In Vivo Electroporation Induces Broad HIV-1 Envelope Epitope Responses to ADVAX HIV-1 DNA Vaccine in Humans

J Kopycinski, H Cheeseman, A Ashraf, DK Gill, P Hayes, M De Souza, P Fast, JH Cox, D Hannaman, J Gilmour, S Vasan

P17.30 LB
Senegal Multi-Site Evaluation of the Point-of-Care PIMA Instrument For CD4+ T-Cell Enumeration Using Venous and Capillary Blood

P Diaw, G Daneau, Ip Ndiaye, Aa Coly, M Camara, S Mboup, L Kestens

P17.31 LB
Efficacious SIV-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses in Heterozygous Animals are Weighted Toward Peptides Presented by a Single MHC Haplotype

JM Greene, EN Chin, JJ Lhost, ML Budde, PJ Hines, BJ Burwitz, DH O'Connor

P17.32 LB
Primary Immune Responses to Vaccinia Virus Vaccination: The Role of Cytotoxic Effector CD4+ T Cells In The Generation Of Human T Cell Memory

CM Munier, S Ip, M Bailey, Y Xu, S Liu, DA Cooper, SJ Kent, JJ Zaunders, AD Kelleher

P17.33 LB
Ubiquitination of the HIV Gag Protein Results in an Increased Expression of Inhibitory Markers on Stimulated T Cells

S Herath, A Benlahrech, T Athanasopoulos, C Hervouet, P Becker, L Klavinskis, G Dickson, A Meiser, S Patterson