T Cell Vaccine Concepts and Design

Optimizing Delivery of the HIVconsv Immunogen in Rhesus Macaques

M Rosario, A Mbewe, ED Quakkelaar, CJ Melief, T Hanke

Immune Selection of T Helper Epitopes in Healthy Volunteers who Received a Multiepitope Candidate HIV Vaccine

H Chen, E Kennedy, M Newman, M Keefer, B Kim, A Sant, X Jin

DNA Boosting Elicited Broader T Cell Responses Against HIV-1 Tat-Rev-Integrase(C-half)-Vif-Nef Fusion Gene Vaccine than Recombinant Vaccinia Boosting

Y Wan

Low Dose Immunization of Codon-Optimized Recombinant BCG Confers Long-Lasting SIV-Specific Memory T Cells After Recombinant Vaccinia Boost in Macaques

M Kanekiyo, Y Ami, K Matsuo, K Someya, N Yamamoto, M Honda

Boosting of Replication Competent NYVAC Primed HIV-1-Specific T-Cell Responses by HIV Synthetic Long Peptides (SLP)

P Mooij, I Nieuwenhuis, N Beenhakker, ED Quakkelaar, JL Heeney, M Esteban, B Jacobs, G Pantaleo, WM Bogers, C Melief, G Koopman

Characterization of Cellular Immune Responses Elicited by Ad35-GRIN/ENV and MVA Construct Prime-Boost Regimens

J Cox, S Ratto-Kim, JR Currier, J Excler, E Sayeed, JH Kim, M Marovich

Optimization of the MVA Vaccine Potential After Deletion of a Viral Gene Coding for the IL-18 Binding Protein

J Falivene, MP Del Medico Zajac, AM Rodríguez, MF Pascutti, CA Maeto, B Perdiguero, C Gómez, M Esteban, G Calamante, MM Gherardi

IL-12 and GM-CSF Administration During the Prime in DNA/MVA Schemes Improves Magnitude, Breadth and Avidity of Cellular Response Against NefBF

A Rodriguez, C Maeto, M Pascutti, J Falivene, G Turk, M Gherardi

Deletion of Genes B8R and A52L Enhances Vaccinia Virus Tiantan Immunogenicity and Attenuates Neurovirulence in Mice

Y Liu, D Ling, M Liu, Y Ma, Z Liu, M Tian, H Peng, D Duan, Y Shao

A Novel HIV-1 Vaccine Strategy Using Live Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Viruses Expressing HIV-1 Protease Cleavage Sites

D Tang, R Capina, C Semeniuk, X Yuan, A Krawchenko, G Kobinger, F Plummer, M Luo

Priming with a Mixture of Recombinant BCG Expressing HIV-1 Gag, RT and gp120 and Boosting with Recombinant MVA Induces an Effective Immune Response

RE Chapman, E Shephard, H Stutz, G Chege, N Douglass, A Williamson

Assessment of the Feasibility of a Different HIV Vaccine Approach

R Capina, J Tuff, C Daniuk, D La, C Czarnecki, T Bielawny, H Peters, M Kimani, C Wachihi, J Kimani, B Ball, FA Plummer, M Luo

Immunogenicity of a DNA Vaccine Containing Multiple HLA-DR Binding, Conserved M Group HIV-1 Epitopes in BALB/c Mice

RR Almeida, SP Ribeiro, DS Rosa, J Kalil, E Cunha-Neto

Using HLA Binding Prediction Algorithms for Epitope Mapping in HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials

D He, P Kunwar, E Eskin, H Horton, P Gilbert, T Hertz

Characterization of Cell-Mediated Immune Responses Conferred by a Recombinant Measles-HIV-1 Clade C Vaccine

R Stebbings, B Li, M Février, CM Lorin, M Koutsoukos, E Mee, N Rose, J Hall, M Page, F Tangy, G Voss, N Almond

Determination of Cellular Immune Responses Induced by Consensus or Mosaic HIV-1 Env Vaccines in HLA-B7 Transgenic Mice

J Yan, T Shin, P Pankhong, AS Khan, NY Sardesai, DB Weiner

Design of Thermo-Stable Human/Simian Adenoviral T-Cell Based Vaccines Expressing Ubiquitin Fusions of Full or Fragmented HIV/SIV Genetic Components

T Athanasopoulos, A Meiser, V Bachy, A Le Heron, T Papagatsias, J Harris, A Benlahrech, S Herath, C Hervouet, P Becker, N Roesen, S Oh, F  Li, S Self, S Kwon, K Fischer, L Seymour, R Daniels, M Page, N Almond, K Logan, R Barbagalo, L Klavinskis, S Patterson, G Dickson

DNA Vaccine Encoding HIV CD4 T Cell Epitopes Enhances CD8 T Cell Responses Induced by Immunization with DNA Vaccines Encoding Whole Gag (p55) and Vif

SP Ribeiro, RR Almeida, DS Rosa, EC Mairena, EG Kallás, J Kalil, E Cunha-Neto

Conservation Across Time and Sequence: Validation of Immunogenic HLA-A2 “Achilles’ Heel” Epitopes for the GAIA HIV Vaccine

K Sangare, O Koita, K Tounkara, CM Boyle, L Levitz, J Rozehnal, Y Kone, Z Koty, MA Ardito, WD Martin, A De Groot

The GAIA HIV Vaccine Progress Report: Further Validation of Broadly Conserved Class I Epitopes in West Africa

L Moise, O Koita, K Sangare, L Levitz, J Rozehnal, Z Koty, K Tounkara, M Ardito, M Rochas, W Martin, A De Groot

P18.21 LB
A Phase IIB, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Immunogenicity Study of Vacc-4x Versus Placebo in HIV-1-infected Patients

JK Rockstroh, G Pantaleo, R Pollard, J van Lunzen, D Asmuth, B Peters, D Podzamczer, A Lazzarin, K Ellefsen-Lavoie, I Baksaas, MA Sommerfelt, V Wendel-Hansen, B Sørensen

P18.22 LB
The Improvement of Five HIV-1 B`/C Subtype Genes Modification on The Express Level In Vitro In HIV Vaccine

Y Gao, X Qi

P18.23 LB
Fragmentation of SIV Gag Induces Broader T Cell Responses In Vitro

A Benlahrech, S Herath, A Meiser, T Athanasopoulos, F Li, S Self, P Becker, C Hervouet, L Klavinskis, G Dickson, S Patterson

P18.24 LB
Comprehensive Cross-Clade Elimination of Cells Infected with Globally Diverse HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV Isolates by HERV-K-Specific CD8+ T-cells

BR Jones, KE Garrison, S Mujib, V Mihajlovic, N Aidarus, DV Hunter, E Martin, VM John, W Zhan, NF Faruk, G Gyenes, NC Sheppard, IM Pruimboom-Brees, D Goodwin, D SenGupta, R Tandon, JB Sacha, DF Nixon, MA Ostrowski

P18.25 LB
Robust Immunogenicity after HIV DNA Vaccination with IL-12 Plasmid Cytokine Adjuvant Delivered via Electroporation in HIV Uninfected Adults

SA Kalams, S Edupuganti, M Elizaga, B Metch, J Eldridge, A Sherwat, S De Rosa, AS Khan, N Sardesai, DB Weiner

P18.26 LB
Immunological Correlates of Protection Against Acquisition of HIV-1 Infection in the iPrEx Trial

PJ Kuebler, SJ Holditch, JJ Mcconnell, L Tarosso , M Mehrotra , BL Shaw, RR R. Andre, CG Rex, EM Eriksson , VM York, V McMahon, RJ Hance , P Defechereux , DV Glidden, S Shiboski, RM Grant, DF Nixon, EG Kallas

P18.27 LB
HIV T-Cell Vaccines Induce Epitope Hotspots That Differ From Those Observed In Natural Infection and Target Variable Regions of the HIV Genome

T Hertz, N Frahm, H Horton, D Friedrich, L Corey, S Buchbinder, MJ McElrath, SG Self, P Gilbert, N HIV Vaccine Trial Network (HVTN)

P18.28 LB
HVTN503/Phambili Vaccine Trial: The Effect of the HIV-1 Clade B-Based Vaccine on Breakthrough Founder Viruses From a Clade C Infected Population

M Logan, T Hertz, PT Edlefsen, A DeCamp, C Magaret, C Rademeyer, M Rolland, BB Larsen, N Frahm, J Marais, R Thebus, F Treurnicht, H Zhao, j Stoddard, P Konopa, S Nariya, A Lam, J Hural, L Corey, J Kublin, G Gray, MJ McElrath, P Gilbert, JI Mullins, C Williamson