Vaccine Concepts and Design

Enhanced DNA Vaccine with Protein Boost Delivered by EP Expands B and T Cell Responses and Neutralizing Phenotype In Vivo

K Muthumani, K Broderick, B Bian, AA Ramanathan, P Atman, J Yan, X Shen, J Mendoza, A Khan, N Sardesai, DB  Weiner

Design of a Dual Purpose Lentiviral Vector for Wild-Type CCR5 Phenotype Abolition, and CCR5 Delta-32/Delta-32 Genotype Transduction

M Wayengera

Purification of Native Env Trimers in Particulate and Soluble Forms and an Analysis of Their Stability and Antigenicity

T Tong, E Crooks, K Osawa, J Binley

ENVolution: Immunoselection of Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Expressing HIV-1 Envelope Proteins by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

P Tiberio, M Yuan, K Wright, I Lorenz, S Hoffenberg, C Jurgens, C Parks

Efficacy of DNA Vaccine Encoding Retrovirus-Based VLP to Induce Potent Mucosal and Systemic Immune Responses and Its Use for HIV Vaccination

L Torrieri-Dramard, F Pitoiset, C Huret, D Desjardins, D Klatzmann, B Bellier

Inherent Capacity to Develop Primary CTL Against Autologous HIV Epitope Variants: Implications for Prophylactic and Therapeutic Vaccines

KN Smith, NM Melhem, B Colleton, X Huang, W Jiang, RB Mailliard, JI Mullins, CR Rinaldo

Refocusing the Antibody Response: The Use of an Antibody-Masking Technique to Elicit Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies

D Wan, S McMichael, G Stewart-Jones

Cutaneous and Mucosal HIV Vaccination EU-FP7 Funded Large-Scale Program

B Combadiere, B Autran, B Bellier, U Blume-Peytavi, C Brander, D Costagliola, I Jani, C Katlama, J Sanchez, S MacCormack, R Shattock, I Stenescu, B Verrier, A Vogt, R Wagner

Optimizing the Immune Response to MVA/HIV Vaccine Candidates in Mice

L Wyatt, W Xiao, P Earl, B Moss

A Strategy to Circumvent Preexisting Adenovirus Neutralizing Antibodies Using Adenovirus-Infected Blood Cells: Proof-of-Concept in Rhesus Macaque

S Caijun, F Liqiang, Z Linqi, C Ling

Novel Non-Integrative One-Cycle Lentiral Genomes Derived from a Naturally Attenuated Animal Lentivirus as HIV Vaccines

G Arrode-Brusses, D Aldebert, B Ouzrout, A Smaoune, M Moussa, Y Chebloune

A Novel Vaccine Design for Inducing Robust HIV-1 Specific Immunity

Z Chen, J Zhou, H Wang, Z Tan, H Liu, X Lu, Y Kang, Y Du, L Liu, Y Xu, L Chen

Immunogenicity of LC16m8∆ Vaccinia Virus/Sendai Virus Vector Expressing the Gp160 of HIV-1 and Effect of CD40Lm

H Shida

Mucosally Applied HIV gp140 DNA Prime/Protein Boost Strategies Generate Strong Serum and Mucosal Antigen-Specific Humoral Responses in Mice

JF Mann, PF McKay, RK Patel, I Vallado, JS Tregoning, RJ Shattock

HIV-Gag VLPs Presenting Trimeric HIV-1 gp140 Spikes Constitutively Expressed in Stable Double Transfected Insect Cell Line

M Tagliamonte, M Visciano, M Tornesello, A De Stradis, FM Buonaguro, L Buonaguro

Priming with Synthetic Nanovaccine Followed by rMVA Boost Is the Best Combination to Elicit Strong and Long-Lasting Gag or Env Immune Responses

S Munier, P Mercier, A Calamel, N Bosquet, T Delair, S Paul, P Earl, R Le Grand, B Verrier

Immunogenicity and Efficacy of a Heterologous Mucosal Prime Intramuscular Boost Vaccination Strategy Against SIVmac239 Challenging

L Zhang, C Sun, Y Du, L Chen, Z Chen

A Candidate HIV/AIDS Vaccine (MVA-B) that Enhances the Magnitude and Polyfunctionality of Memory HIV-1-Specific T-Cell Responses

J García-Arriaza, J Nájera, CE Gómez, N Tewabe, CS Sorzano, T Calandra, T Roger, M Esteban

HIV CN54gp140 + GLA Significantly Enhances Vaccine Antigen-Specific T and B Cell Immune Responses After Priming with DNA and MVA

P McKay, A Cope, J Swales, S Joseph, M Esteban, R Tatoud, D Carter, J Weber, RJ Shattock

Impact of Pre-Existing Immunity on the Selection of Rare Adenovirus Vector Candidates: Implications for HIV Vaccine Development

M Perreau, HC Welles, A Harari, L Potin, R Martin, S Bibert, T Roger, T Calandra, A Bett, J Gall, EJ Kremer, G Pantaleo

Impact of Pre-Existing Immunity on the Selection of Rare Adenovirus Vector Candidates: Implications for HIV Vaccine Development

M Perreau, HC Welles, A Harari, L Potin, R Martin, S Bibert, T Roger, T Calandra, A Bett, J Gall, EJ Kremer, G Pantaleo

Improving the Immunogenicity Against HIV-1 Subtype C Env/Gag-Pol-Nef Proteins Expressed from MVA by the Deletion of the Viral Anti-Apoptotic Gene F1L

B Perdiguero, C Gómez, J Nájera, M Esteban

Conserved Elements (CE) Vaccine

GN Pavlakis, M Rolland, BK Felber, V Kulkarni, B Mothe, C Brander, J Termini, GW Stone, S Le Gall, J Yan, DB Weiner, S Manocheewa, JV Swain, E Lanxon-Cookson, JI Mullins

Development of an In Vitro HIV Priming System for Evaluation of Potential Immunogens Prior to Clinical Testing

A Gervassi, H Horton

Co-Delivery of Mucosal Chemokine Plasmids in a Systemically Administered DNA Vaccine Elicits Systemic and Mucosal Immune Responses in Rhesus Macaques

M Kutzler, K Kraynyak, A Sylvester, N Cisper, A Ginsberg, J Yan, M Betts, D Carnathan, S Yuan, M Reuter, N Kathuria, N Hutnick, A Khan, J Mestecky, Z Moldoveanu, B Pahar, M Hunter, P Marx, D Montifiore, D Weiner

Efficacy of HIV Vaccine Candidate in Macaques Dependent on the Dose of SIVmac251 Challenge Exposure: Immune Correlates of Vaccine Efficacy

G Franchini, M Vaccari, B Keele, M Doster, Z Ma, A Hryniewicz, T Morgan, Y Guan, G Ferrari, D Montefiori, D Venzon, C Fenizia, JD Lifson, C Miller, J Tartaglia

Biologically Active Fusion Proteins of CD154 and SIVgp41 as Novel Vaccine Components

LM Smith, LM Parodi, VL Hodara, G Pavlakis, B Felber, LD Giavedoni

Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC) Is a Correlate of Protection by Live-Attenuated SIV

MD Alpert, JD Harvey, WA Lauer, RK Reeves, M Piatak, A Carville, KG Mansfield, JD Lifson, W Li, RC Desrosiers, RP Johnson, DT Evans

Carbohydrate-Based HIV Vaccine, from Concept to Mannose-Specific Virion-Binding Antibodies

Y Geng, H Fu, B Liu, H Zhang, RJ Luallen, RW Doms

Focusing the Antibody Response to the CD4-Binding Site with Designer Immunogens

FK Ahmed, B Clark, DR Burton, R Pantophlet

P19.30 LB
Preexisting Immunity to Multiple Adenovirus Serotypes is Not Associated with Increased HIV-1 Acquisition in Three HIV-1 Vaccine Efficacy Trials

KE Stephenson, J Hural, SP Buchbinder, F Sinangil, DH Barouch

P19.31 LB
Pool Approach and Variability Analysis in Isolation and Characterization of HIV-1 Subtype A1 strain from Russia

A Galkin, G Kuznecovs, A Bychenko, N Polyakov, E Filinova

P19.32 LB
HIV-1 JR-FL Env Trimers Expressed by DNA Electroporation Alone or Boosted With Soluble Trimers Elicit Neutralizing Antibodies

B Chakbrabarti, K McKee, J Mascola, RT Wyatt

P19.33 LB
Evaluations of Subtype C HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins as Immunogens for Vaccine Development

AK Dey, C Zambonelli, A Nandi, S Stephenson, K Sirokman, S Hilt, D Martinez-Guzman, J Cisto, P Ramesh, M Wininger, Y Sun, H Legg, K Hartog, R Pei-Jen Lai, J Heeney, D Montefiori, A Carfi, SW Barnett