Viral Diversity

Non-Random Distribution of Cryptic Repeating Triplets of Purines and Pyrimidines (RNY)n and Recombination in gp120 of HIV-1

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HIV Integrase Polymorphisms in Treatment-Naïve and Treatment-Experienced HIV-Infected Patients in Thailand Where HIV Subtype A/E Predominates

A Phuphuakrat

Comparable Antigenicity Among Subtype B, Subtype F1 and Group M Nef Consensus Peptides in Brazilians HIV-1-Infected Subjects

F Côrtes, G Bello, C Vorsatz , J Pilotto, B Grinsztejn, VG Veloso, SW Cardoso, MG Morgado

Characterization of HIV-1 Subtype Distribution Among Thai MSM Using MHAbce, a High Throughput Approach for Molecular Epidemiology Studies

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Evolution of Nigeria’s Two Predominant HIV-1 Subtypes

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P20.06 LB
Genetic Analysis of the Viral Envelope (V3-V5 region) in HIV-1 Infected Indian Children

P SS, R Kalra, R Lodha, S Kabra, K Luthra

P20.07 LB
Significant Contribution of Subtype G to HIV-1 Genetic Complexity in Nigeria

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P20.08 LB
Generating Viruses Matching RV144 Vaccine Components to Explore Efficacy

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P20.09 LB
The Prevalence of Low and High Viral Load in a Cohort of African Volunteers During the First Year of Infection with HIV-1 Subtype A1, C and D

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