William Snow

Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

Mr. William (Bill) Snow is a Director of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, an alliance of organizations dedicated to accelerating the development of preventive HIV vaccines.  Bill oversees a Secretariat who helps to facilitate coordination, collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource optimization in the HIV vaccine field.  Bill has a long and distinguished history in the HIV vaccine field, advising on and advocating for funding, legislation and a wide variety of activities to help accelerate development of a safe, effective and affordable AIDS vaccine for more than 20 years.  He was a co-founder and long-time Board member of AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, and was a member of the Coordinating Committee and Board of the Enterprise when it received its initial funding in 2005.  Bill was instrumental in establishing national, local and global community- advisory boards at the NIH clinical trial networks AVEG, HIVNET and HVTN and today sits on the NIAID AIDS Vaccine Research Subcommittee, the NIH Vaccine Research Center Scientific Advisory Working Group and has at times served in the leadership groups of every HIV vaccine clinical trials group to date.