Let's Talk Prevention - HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

This event is part of the 2011 Let’s Talk HIV Prevention series sponsored by the Enterprise. For more information about these events, click here.

City, Country:  Boston, USA


 Organization Hosting Event:  Brigham and Women's Hospital

 Organization’s website:

 Date/Time:  This event is a two part series.

  Part 1: Wednesday, 18 May / 15:00 – 17:00

 Part 2: Friday, 20 May / 14:30 – 17:00      

 Location (facility name and address):

Part 1: Wednesday 18 May: Brigham and Women’s Conference Center –Bornstein Family Amphitheatre

               45 Francis St., Boston, MA 02115


Part 2: Friday, 20 May: Brigham and Women’s Conference Center – Carrie Hall

              15 Francis St. Carrie Hall Conference Center (2nd Floor Pike), Boston, MA  02115

Event Report (submitted by the hosting organization):

The Harvard HIV Vaccine Trials Unit celebrated Let’s Talk HIV Prevention: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day with a two-part event. The first event was a scientific symposium dedicated to HIV vaccine and prevention research. The order of speakers first informed the audience broadly on HIV prevention, then focused on vaccine research, and finished with detailed information on our local efforts. The speakers and topics included the following:

Master of Ceremonies
Raphael Dolin, MD
Maxwell Finland Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School (HMS),
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The AIDS Epidemic and Recent Advances in Prevention
Ken Mayer, MD
Brown University
Fenway Health

Major Challenges to Developing an HIV Vaccine
Dan Barouch, MD PhD
Professor of Medicine, HMS
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The State of Clinical Development of HIV Vaccines in Boston
Stephen Walsh, MD
Harvard HIV Vaccine Trials Unit
Brigham and Women's Hospital

The symposium was well attended by members of the scientific and medical communities of metropolitan Boston and served as an opportunity for Brigham and Women’s Hospital to collaborate with Fenway Health, the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the Ragon Institute in coordinating the event’s speakers and post-presentation question and answer session and promoting our research efforts. The symposium also included a brief address by one of our current trial volunteers, who shared his motivations for participation, the advantages and disadvantages of participation, and his recommendations for those considering volunteering.

The second event was the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: Let’s Talk HIV Prevention community outreach event and focused on local HIV prevention organizations providing resources and educational materials for members of the community at large. A past participant also spoke about his personal experience participating in an HIV vaccine clinical trial at Brigham
and Women’s Hospital. The community event served as an opportunity for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital HIV Vaccine Trials Unit to launch the Red Ribbon Heroes promotional campaign, which highlights the effort and commitment of our volunteers as well as provides community education about our HIV vaccine research.  The event also served as an excellent forum for metropolitan Boston HIV prevention and advocacy groups to network and plan future collaborations. Support from the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise was critical in the success of our events and allowed us to host and promote both our scientific symposium and the community outreach event.

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