Let's Talk Prevention - HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

This event is part of the 2011 Let’s Talk HIV Prevention series sponsored by the Enterprise. For more information about these events, click here.

Event title: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
City, Country: San Francisco, USA
Organization Hosting Event:  HIV Research Section - San Francisco Department of Public Health
Date/Time: Wednesday, 18 May / 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Location: Stop AIDS Project, 2128 15th Street. San Francisco, CA 94114
Event Report (submitted by the hosting organization):

This year, the HIV Research Section (the Section) partnered with the STOP AIDS Project to plan and implement a community providers’ luncheon to educate others about the purpose of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD) and the need to find a safe and effective HIV vaccine. By collaborating with other advocates in diverse communities, this event provided an opportunity to intentionally raise awareness about HIV vaccine research, the HIV Research Section and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.

Our lead presenter, Dr. Jonathan Fuchs, Director of HIV Vaccine Studies for the Section, provided an overview of HIV vaccines and discussed the iPrEx results and what they can potentially mean for current and future vaccine trials. Attendees were interested to understand how vaccines work and the potential impact a vaccine could have. Attendees also wanted to understand how iPrEx fit into the larger HIV prevention tool box.

Dr. Risha Irby, Research Scholar, for the HIV Research Section, discussed the need to recruit diverse communities into clinical trials including African Americans, Latinos and transfemales. Dr. Irby highlighted the need to understand the facilitators and barriers of these communities to participate in clinical trials. Attendees expressed interest in continuing to support the Section’s education and recruitment efforts to intentionally reach these communities.

About 25 providers attended the luncheon. Attendees represented several HIV prevention and treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some organizations included but are not limited to: the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Instituto Familiar De La Raza and Black Brothers Esteem. It was clear from the response from attendees; communities are interested to continue learning more about the science of HIV vaccine research as well as the research process overall.

This event solidified for us the value of continuing to partner with agencies that reach many communities. Agencies that already have connections can help facilitate interest and enthusiasm for an event. With the strategic support of the STOP AIDS Project, we reached the intended agencies and created a space where providers could ask critical questions about vaccine research and other prevention interventions.

Moving forward, our team developed a work plan that includes community education strategies involving the agencies who attended the luncheon and expressed interest in increasing awareness about HIV vaccines and other prevention interventions. Strategies include but are not limited to: videos, forums and podcasts.

We acknowledge and thank the support of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise for directly supporting this community event.

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