Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines

The search for a safe and effective HIV vaccine has progressed further and faster in the last few years than at any time since the epidemic began. This progress poses new questions, new opportunities and new challenges as to how the HIV vaccine research endeavor should move forward.


In 2012, the Enterprise launched Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines, a strategy series convening experts as rapidly as possible to analyze, address, and respond to unresolved and emerging priority issues in the field. Through an open call for proposals, the Enterprise is working to identify the most important strategic needs of the field and sponsoring think tanks, meetings, forums and other events to tackle these issues.

We will carefully review all ideas, and are particularly interested in topics that:

  • help keep the field broad, open, and cutting edge, which includes building on lessons from early HIV infection and pathogenesis, other HIV prevention research, new technologies, or vaccines against other diseases;
  • help refine criteria for vaccine design and optimization, by defining protective mechanisms in a variety of models in hopes of informing decision-making and improving the chances of success in efficacy trials;
  • lead to better incorporation and emphasis on development pathways, enabling better selection of candidates, more effective longer-term planning and preparation, and smoother transition between development phases.

Tell us what priority issues and opportunities you believe will facilitate HIV vaccine research and development. Individuals, groups and organizations are invited to submit ideas or topics at any time, submitted ideas will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If selected, we will work with you to develop and implement a plan to convene and address the proposed issue or opportunity and will provide full or partial support for the convening depending on the opportunity.

Learn more about the process to submit and evaluate topics here. 


Product Development Boot Camp
Training on concepts and tools used by industry

Visualizing the Immune Landscape
Analysis of expected immune responses for candidate vaccines

Target Product Profile
Identifying purpose, value, and process for developing a TPP

Pan-African Vaccine Agenda
Advancing the African HIV vaccine development agenda

Regulatory Capacity Building Workshop
Working with African National Regulatory Authorities to enhance review capacity for HIV clinical trials 


September 2014
How Complement Stimulates B-cell Responses
Virtual Mini-Symposium

August 2014
Passive Immunization Trials and Vaccine Design
Can passive immunizations with bNAbs set goal posts for an HIV vaccine?

July 2014
Adjuvants and Formulation of HIV-1 Env Vaccines
Meeting to review criteria for andjuvant selection and assays to monitor protein stability

May 2014
Capturing Participants Info for Mucosal Sampling
Investigators' guide to help capture participant information that impact mucosal responses

October 2013
Bench to Clinic Tool
Web-based tool to guide in taking candidates from concept to Phase I trials

September 2013
Antibody Durability
Think tank on inducing durable antibody responses through HIV vaccination

September 2013
Therapeutic Vaccines
A consultation to help determine the intersection between therapeutic and preventive vaccines

March 2013
Vaccine-Induced Sero-Reactivity (VISR)
A meeting to review current efforts and gaps in addressing VISR

January 2013
HIV Prevention Trials in Infants
A consultation to discuss challenges of conducting trials in HIV-exposed infants

Strengthening policies to broaden access to HIV vaccine research

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