Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines Application

Tell us what priority issues/opportunities you believe will facilitate HIV vaccine research and development. We encourage you to submit ideas/topics at any time, submitted ideas will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Please use the form below to suggest a topic for Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines.  This submission is intended for initial screening of topics and does not constitute a formal proposal.  We will evaluate the suggested topics and will respond within one week from the date of submission. If your topic is selected, we will work with you to develop a formal proposal.  

Please read the Process to propose and evaluate topics to learn about the review criteria and what topics ARE NOT appropriate.

Please briefly describe your proposed issue/topic to be addressed through Timely Topics (150 words or less)

Please explain why the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise should convene partners around this topic/issue (150 words or less)

Please identify one or two specific outcomes that can be accomplished via this convening (150 words or less)

Additional comments:

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