Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines Information

Your support of and strategic input is essential to the success of this initiative! We will evaluate submissions and sponsor think tanks, meetings, forums and other mechanisms to address the issues where a collective effort would be most effective.

Selection Criteria
Proposed topics should have:

  • Relevance: To complement the Enterprise mission.
  • Broad applicability: Topic is strategic in nature and has potential to impact larger HIV vaccine R&D endeavor.
  • Collective effort: Topic should complement /add value beyond what individual partners can achieve alone.
  • Clear outcomes: The topic will have well-defined objectives that will result in specific action items.
  • Transparency: Topic can be discussed transparently and outcomes can be shared broadly.

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The following topics WILL NOT be considered for Timely Topics:

  • Traditional meetings /conferences limited to sharing the latest scientific findings
  • Topics with limited potential to advance the broader HIV vaccine R&D endeavor
  • Topics that are very general in nature

Review Process
Topics will be reviewed by the Enterprise Secretariat. If selected, you will be asked to assist the Secretariat in developing a full proposal for the convening, which outlines: 

  • Topic intro/background
  • Objectives and anticipated outcomes
  • Format/type of convening
  • Location, timing
  • Participants/advisors/partners
  • Estimated budget

The proposals will undergo review by a committee of the Enterprise Board and ad hoc experts chosen by topic.  Those selected, will receive full or partial financial support for the convening depending on the opportunity.

Convening Outcomes
The proceedings of all convenings will be communicated broadly to build awareness of and consensus around outcomes. Writers will be assigned to develop reports from each convening to be widely distributed, and if appropriate, transformed into manuscripts for publication and broader impact. The Enterprise will track outcomes and progress in addressing the topic.

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