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About HIVe

Welcome to the HIV Vaccine electronic (e) resource, or “HIVe,” a global electronic clearinghouse of information for the HIV vaccine research community.

Developed by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, a global collaboration of independent HIV vaccine research, policy, funding and advocacy organizations, HIVe includes:

  • Easy-to-navigate links to jobs, grants, scholarships and training opportunities
  • The latest HIV vaccine research news, researcher profiles and other resources
  • Prominent guest speakers weighing in on the most pressing issues in the field
  • Open fora, where visitors can post their opinions, participate in debates and discussions, exchange information and pose questions to colleagues.

HIVe is designed to serve the entire HIV vaccine research community by creating a virtual meeting space to exchange information on all aspects of HIV vaccine research and development.  HIVe will be particularly useful to young and early-career investigators (YECIs) who face increasing career development challenges. 

Whether you are an HIV vaccine researcher or community educator, a twenty year veteran or just beginning your career, HIVe offers valuable information and perspectives to bring us all closer to a safe and effective HIV vaccine.