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ID#:21249BR     Posted: 6 May 2011
Senior Research Scientist
Type of Position: Full-time   
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Deadline: 1 Jan 2038
Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes
The Emory Vaccine Center represents one of the largest academic vaccine centers in the world, and is renowned for its expertise in cellular immunity and immune memory. This expertise leads to the creation of new technologies for the prevention of emerging infectious diseases. Established in 1996 with support from Emory University and the Georgia Research Alliance, the Emory Vaccine Center has including 26 regular faculty, 9 affiliate faculty, over 100 post doctoral fellows and graduate students, plus laboratory, clinical, and administrative staff.
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A position in Bioinformatics/ Systems Biology with a focus on Microarray Analysis is available in the laboratory of Dr. Bali Pulendran at the Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The successful applicant will join a dynamic, interdisciplinary group of researchers including immunologists, vaccinologists, clinicians, bioengineers and bioinformaticians. 


The successful applicant will work in a multi-disciplinary team to use microarray and systems biology approaches to explore the induction and regulation of immune responses in humans, non human primates and mice to pathogens, vaccines, and adjuvants. The primary goals of this effort are to: (i) identify key, early correlates of vaccination or ‘signatures’ that defines the initial parameters for later development of protective immune responses, using several vaccines (e.g. Nature Immunology vol 10, 1, p116-125, 2009); (ii) identify early signatures of disease progression in infectious diseases, and (iii) exploit the knowledge gained from (i) and (ii) in the design of novel adjuvants and vaccines. 

The responsibilities of this position include: 

• development of analysis protocols for large in-house and public gene-expression datasets (currently greater than 1000 in-house microarray files),
• development or adaptation of software tools and scripts to meet the needs of the projects, including visualization of gene networks and gene ontologies,
• leading the analysis, or managing the analysts through developed protocols,
• integration and correlation of expression data with protein interaction network information and/or with additional immunological data,
• clustering and classification of samples, leading to the prediction of immune response, 
• deconvolution of transcriptional profiling of total peripheral blood mononuclear cells,
• maintaining a database / archive for the curation and accessibility of the raw files, normalized files and meta-analyses, collaborative “sharing” of experimental data and results,
• be a team leader--confident to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team and to manage a bioinformatics research group. Coordination with statisticians.



The qualified applicant will have a Masters Degree or a Ph.D. in a relevant biological discipline or computer science, plus a demonstrated experience in bioinformatics research; or a Masters or Ph.D. in Bioinformatics. Previous demonstrated experience (2 – 5 years) with large-scale Microarray Analyses is strongly desired. Previous experience with genomic analyses, network analysis or meta-analyses is strongly desirable. Solid understanding of fundamental systems biology concepts. A clear understanding of the latest developments in gene expression and microarray technologies and an insight into the challenges associated with meta-analyses.

Familiarity with working in a Linux/Unix environment, plus experience with relational databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle) and fluency in at least one programming language (Perl, Java, Python, C or C++) are required.

Proven experience in leading a scientific research group.


Research-oriented curiosity to seek out and develop novel tools, and create a “new way of looking at things”. In-depth knowledge of online / open source bioinformatics tools, databases, and pathway analysis. Wide-understanding of commercially available bioinformatics tools. Strong quantitative or statistical background would be a plus.

Excellent attention to detail and analytical skills. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to work independently. 

Applicant must have the ability to work in a fast moving interdisciplinary team environment, as well as the ability to discuss issues and provide solutions to scientists with different backgrounds. Excellence in verbal and written communication skills. 



Please send or email CV and letters of recommendation directly to:
Dr. Bali Pulendran
Research Professor
Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes
954 Gatewood Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30329