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Posted: 15 Nov 2011
Staff Scientist (3 openings)
Type of Position: Full-time   
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Deadline: 1 Jan 2038
The Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida (VGTI-FL)
VGTI-FL researchers are studying the human immune system with the goal of preventing and treating infectious diseases, cancer and ailments that disproportionately affect ageing populations. To quote our mission statement “VGTI-FL is Translating Research into Health”.  Research at VGTI-FL is focused on developing new vaccines and treatments to fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, melanoma, breast and prostate cancer as well as emerging diseases such as yellow fever and dengue fever.  The researchers at the institute aim to identify the mechanisms that allow some individuals to control infections or cancers leading to a slowly progressing disease or in some cases to a remission or a cure while others develop symptoms, aggressive disease and death.  An efficient immune response to pathogens and / or tumors involves the highly orchestrated interaction of multiple cells and molecules.   VGTI-FL has assembled a research team of scientists from over 20 nations who are now working at the facility in Port St. Lucie daily in the quest for finding novel cures and treatments to these once considered “incurable” diseases.  Researchers at VGTI-FL have collaborations with research and clinical partners throughout the state of Florida as well as with partners across the globe.
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Researcher will have experience in the HIV field to study the mechanisms of HIV persistence and latency in HIV infected subject treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). The program includes in vitro and ex vivo studies on human samples with particular focus on latently infected cells.  The overarching goal of this project is to develop novel therapeutic strategies aimed at eradicating HIV.


  • To develop and validate primary cell models of HIV latency aimed at identifying molecules endowed with the ability to induce viral production from cellular reservoirs
  • To identify the cellular pathways involved in HIV latency using siRNA technology in human primary CD4 T cells 
  • To identify virological and immunological biomarkers of HIV persistence in human samples including lymphoid tissues 
  • Supervise a research assistant who will contribute to the development of the project
  • Work in close collaboration with other scientists involved in related projects
  • Analyze and integrate data, present data in conferences, write papers
  • Other project related duties to sustain its efficiency 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3 years experience in the study of immunology and/or HIV
  • Experience in the HIV latency/reservoir field is a plus
  • Ability to work as a team player in highly interactive and multidisciplinary research environment
  • Ability to record and communicate experimental details under minimal supervision and to produce quarterly reports
  • Responsible, hardworking individual who’s able to multitask and to work independently 
  • The candidate should have good problem solving skills, be innovative and highly organized
  • Excellent communication skills in English language


  • PhD in immunology or microbiology
  • 3 years lab experience in the techniques of primary cell culture in BSLII + environment, cell signaling (western blot), virological assays (PCR, RT-PCR)


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VGTI Florida offers a comprehensive benefits package including: medical/dental/life insurance; long-term disability insurance; PTO; and a generous retirement program.