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Posted: 15 Nov 2011
Postdoctoral Position - Hiscott
Type of Position: Full-time   
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Deadline: 1 Jan 2038
The Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida (VGTI-FL)
VGTI-FL researchers are studying the human immune system with the goal of preventing and treating infectious diseases, cancer and ailments that disproportionately affect ageing populations. To quote our mission statement “VGTI-FL is Translating Research into Health.”  Research at VGTI-FL is focused on developing new vaccines and treatments to fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, melanoma, breast and prostate cancer as well as emerging diseases such as yellow fever and dengue fever.  The researchers at the institute aim to identify the mechanisms that allow some individuals to control infections or cancers leading to a slowly progressing disease or in some cases to a remission or a cure while others develop symptoms, aggressive disease and death.  An efficient immune response to pathogens and / or tumors involves the highly orchestrated interaction of multiple cells and molecules.   VGTI-FL has assembled a research team of scientists from over 20 nations who are now working at the facility in Port St. Lucie daily in the quest for finding novel cures and treatments to these once considered “incurable” diseases.  Researchers at VGTI-FL have collaborations with research and clinical partners throughout the state of Florida as well as with partners across the globe.
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The laboratory of Dr. John Hiscott is seeking to recruit Postdoctoral Fellows who are interested in the early innate immune response to virus infection and signaling to the host antiviral response. Research projects in the laboratory include: 1) molecular interactions regulating the interferon antiviral response to RNA virus infection; 2) pathogenesis and gene regulation in human retrovirus infection; and 3) development of oncolytic viruses for cancer therapy. For a list of recent publications, please consult PubMed.


Candidates with a strong background in the areas of cellular immunology, molecular biology, and virology are encouraged to apply.  Strong written and oral communications skills are necessary.  Postdoctoral candidates must have demonstrated independent scientific expertise with the publication of first author paper(s).  Any appropriate combination of education, certifications, and/or relevant work experience will be considered.

  • Completion of or within 6 months of an advanced Doctoral (PhD or MD) degree in molecular biology, immunology or related field.
  • International experiences related to global research.
  • Demonstrated ability to participate in collaborative efforts as a member of a diverse research team.
  • Understanding of both computational science as well as a solid grasp on biology, genetics and cell biology.
  • Research writing skills; effective oral and writing communication skills.


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VGTI Florida offers a comprehensive benefits package including: medical/dental/life insurance; long-term disability insurance; PTO; and a generous retirement program.