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Posted: 29 Mar 2011
Your HIVe Experience
Author: Secretariat of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

Categories: opinion piece

HIVe is a highly interactive site and is constantly undergoing updates to ensure that users have the most up-to-date information on jobs, grants, trainings, events, etc.  Throughout the month of April, you will see many changes to HIVe as we continue to add your content and improve on the initial design and navigation. Your HIVe experience is important to ensuring that HIVe is the highest quality resource and that our visitors keep contributing and coming back.  Following are a few tips to make your HIVe experience the best it can bee…

  • Browsing: Visit all pages on our site, you never know what you will find -- we recommend browsing with Google Chrome!
  • Participating: Visit HIVe forums and participate in the discussion.  We need your opinions and ideas to bring us all closer to an HIV vaccine. 
  • Contributing:  Send us information!  We welcome your ideas or proposals for HIV guest speakers or commentators.  Share opinion pieces, research news, funding opportunities and event and job announcements that you would like to see on HIVe (
  • Advising: What works, what doesn’t, what would you like to see more of?  Let us know what you think:

Thank you for contributions and patience as we work to build a great HIVe!

- The Secretariat of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise