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Posted: 2 Dec 2011
Journal Club: Submission Guidelines

HIVe's Journal Club aims to raise awareness of the recent advances in HIV research and inspire discourse important to advance HIV vaccine research and development.

If you are interested in submitting your own article for this series, please follow the guidelines below:

  • The story should focus on a particular area of research and selected papers should have a common thread.  Approach this story as a "mini-review" on a particular research topics. Aim for 500-800 words total.
  • Don't try to cover too much ground, review no more than 5 papers.
  • Your audience is the HIV vaccine research community, knowledgable about HIV, but not necessarily familiar with the intricacies of your particular area of research.  Assume some basic knowledge, but provide the sufficient level of detail necessary to understand the importance of the findings you describe.
  • Choose and cite only recent articles that have been published in the past 6 months.
  • Provide links for all cited papers, abstracts or presentations.  Open-access papers can be linked directly.  Papers requiring a subscription should be linked to the NCBI database entry.
  • If you decide to include a paper on which you are a co-author, please provide a disclaimer.
  • Include one or two figures with some key data from the reviewed papers.  Provide sufficient description in the figure legend to make it clear what the figure shows and what conclusions can be drawn from the data.  Please respect the journal's copyright and try to use figures from open-access journals.
  • At the bottom of the document include one or two lines about yourself, including: name, affiliation and country

We look forward to receiving your article at