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Posted: 27 Dec 2011
Science Around the Blog - 27/12/2011

In this week’s news: explaining vaccines to the public, unexpected positive results from a malaria vaccine candidate, the right time to invest in ending HIV, and treatment as prevention gets the royal treatment by Science magazine

  • Communicating Vaccine Science to the Public - in his lecture, Paul A. Offit (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) gives a series of examples illustrating the best (and the worst) approaches to communicating vaccine science to the public
  • New malaria vaccine candidate neutraliszes parasite strains – a malaria vaccine candidate developed at the University of Oxford unexpectedly resulted in immune responses that were able to neutralize a wide diversity of malaria strains 
  • Investing wisely in HIV/AIDS – The Lancet published an editorial, saying: “just when we seem to have the right technologies, drugs, and approaches to keep the epidemic under control, success hangs in the balance”
  • HIV Treatment as Prevention – Science magazine names the initiation of early treatment to stop HIV transmission, the Breakthrough of the Year 2011. Also, see the TED talk by Julio Montaner (University of British Columbia) on this topic: