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Posted: 19 Mar 2012
Professional Development

Professional growth in science involves more than climbing the career ladder and securing a tenured professorship position at a university. To be truly succesful, researchers are required to secure funding, manage people in their laboratories, collaborate with others, publish papers, mentor and be mentored, attend conferences, give presentations, and do many other things. HIVe has a number of resources that help young and established scientists in the HIV vaccine field to navigate this complex environment.

The listings of jobs, grants, and training opportunities of interest to HIV vaccine researchers

Career profiles of eminent figures in the field

Articles on the current situation in scientific careers

Articles on Mentorship

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Posted by: wmisaki, 6 Aug 2012 4:22 am

One of the major pillars of the Enterprise's 2010 Scientific Strategic Plan was development of young and early careers investigators (YECI), with particular focus on those from the developing world. However, for unknown reason, our leaders in the developing world have tended to overlook the critical role that young people, especially scientists can play in alleviating the problems of not just this region, but the entire world.

In this open letter to the president published in the Ugandan daily--the monitor, I remind the president of Uganda about former pledges he has made "towards supporting HIV cure/vaccine research". As member of steering committee of the YECI, I am committed to pushing this agenda until we have results. Its unfortunate that I was not previledged to attend the recent AU summit on HIV that took place in Addis, but step by step--I promise, we will get to these leaders.

Here is the full text of the letter:

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