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Posted: 2 Aug 2012
Science Around the Blog - 03 August 2012

In this week’s news: A review of MTCT mechanisms, two different approaches to cure show promising results, aging HIV patients present new challenges, continued humanized mouse coverage, and a thoughtful discussion of the current state of scientific publishing 

  • HIV-1, babies, and breast-feeding – a recent review summarizes our current understanding of mechanisms of mother-to-child HIV transmission and approaches to prevention 
  • Two more HIV-1 patients kind of sort of cured-ish maybe – a presentation at AIDS 2012 (the International AIDS Conference) in Washington last week described two more patients that underwent a procedure similar to that of the “Berlin patient” Timothy Brown and now seem to be completely cured from HIV 
  • For some AIDS patients, only a cure will do – does the cure approach tested in the Berlin patient and two others, a difficult and costly procedure, provide benefits beyond those of modern drug regimens?
  • New research hopes to speed development of HIV vaccine – already reported in Science Around the Blog last week, the story of the improved humanized mouse model continues to be covered by media; read or listen to this story by Voice of America  
  • Whither science publishing? – an in-depth debate on the state of current scientific publishing, the impact of open access movement, and possible future developments in this area
  • Growing old with HIV – today, thanks to multiple available drug regimens and HAART, HIV-positive people live long lives, which raises new health issues as they are getting older
  • Hopes raised by HDAC inhibitor, but uncertainties remain – a paper in Nature presents promising results for cure research by showing that an already-approved cancer drug can reactivate latent HIV in patients