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Posted: 1 Dec 2011

Thirty years in review, and a look toward the future
Today, World AIDS Day, marks the conclusion of our HIVe series, "30 years in 30 weeks," a compilation of perspectives behind some of the most interesting and influential HIV/AIDS research in the last 30 years.  To commemorate World AIDS Day and acknowledge the...

Posted: 24 Nov 2011

In 2010, a microbicide gel was found to be effective against HIV infection in women when applied intravaginally before and after sex. Within two years, the HIV prevention field saw proofs of concept for two long-sought interventions – a vaccine and a microbicide. Interestingly, the active ingredient in the gel is an antiretroviral drug,...

Posted: 17 Nov 2011

It took a quarter of the century from the discovery of HIV to show that HIV infection can be prevented by vaccination. While protection shown in the RV144 trial in Thailand was modest and short-lived, this trial provided the first proof of concept that a vaccine to protect against acquisition is possible and has enabled the search for...

Posted: 10 Nov 2011

The Step trial (HVTN 502/Merck 023) was the third efficacy trial of an HIV vaccine. The trial began in 2005 and preliminary results stopped the trial in 2007, resulting in widespread pessimism about the feasibility of developing an HIV vaccine. Still, as Dr. Susan Buchbinder explains in her commentary, the trial provided valuable knowledge...

Posted: 3 Nov 2011

It is not often that a scientific discovery makes a rapid and direct impact on public health, but this is exactly what happened when three trials testing the impact of male circumcision on HIV acquisition showed efficacy. Guidelines were released and quickly adopted by many countries in Africa, which started providing circumcision to men....